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Recent Program and Administrative Proposals

Assigned Staff: For information about the status of a pending request, you may contact the staff member assigned to that proposal.

Status/Action Column:
  • Pending--not yet acted upon by the Coordinating Board
  • ACK--Acknowledged
  • AUB--Authorized by the Board
  • APC--Approved by the Commissioner
  • APS--Approved by Coordinating Board staff
  • CTG--Contingent upon resources
  • DEF--Deferred
  • DNC or DNS--Denied by the Commissioner or Coordinating Board staff
  • INR--Institution Notification Received
  • NAN--No Action Needed
  • NAP--Not Approved
  • RTN--Returned to Institution
  • RVD--Reviewed by Coordinating Board staff
  • WDI--Withdrawn by institution


Institution Program Name Degree CIP Code Received Staff Status
Alamo Community College - Northwest Vista College Cloud Computing BAT 11.0902.00 06/06/23 Jessica Acton Pending
SRSU Forensic Science MS 43.0406.00 08/11/23 Allen Michie Pending
TAMUCC Public Health BS 51.2201.00 08/18/23 Amanda Austin Pending
TAMUCC Public Health MPH 51.2201.00 10/02/23 Pending
TaSU Applied Mathematics MS 27.0301.00 05/31/23 Allen Michie Pending
TaSU Applied Mathematics PHD 27.0301.00 05/31/23 Allen Michie Pending
TaSU Occupational Therapy OTD 51.2306.00 05/30/23 Melinda Valdez Pending
TTU Animal Health and Industry MS 01.0903.00 09/01/23 Amanda Austin Pending
TTU Renewable Energy BAAS 30.9999.40 09/06/23 Amanda Austin Pending
TTU Veterinary Sciences MS 01.8101.00 08/21/23 Allen Michie Pending
TWU Aviation Science BS 49.0101.00 09/05/23 Amanda Austin Pending
TXST Business Administration DBA 52.0201.00 08/31/23 Pending
TXST Civil Engineering PHD 14.0801.00 08/30/23 Pending
TXST Construction Management PHD 15.1001.00 08/31/23 Pending
TXST Curriculum and Instruction EDD 13.0301.00 08/31/23 Pending
TXST Electrical Engineeringv PHD 14.1001.00 08/30/23 Pending
TXST Engineering Management PHD 15.1501.00 08/31/23 Pending
TXST Integrated Molecular and Biophysical Chemistry PHD 26.0210.00 08/30/23 Pending
TXST Mathematics PHD 27.0101.00 08/31/23 Pending
TXST Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering PHD 14.1901.00 08/30/23 Pending
TXST Nursing Practice DNP 51.3818.00 08/31/23 Pending
TXST Sport Management PHD 31.0504.00 08/31/23 Pending
UH Business MS 52.1301.00 07/06/23 Amanda Austin Pending
UH Global Hospitality Leadership DGHL 52.0201.00 07/02/23 Allen Michie Pending
UNTD Emergency Services Administration BAS 43.0202.00 09/14/23 Allen Michie Pending
UNTHSC Nursing BSN 51.3801.00 09/15/23 Jessica Acton Pending
UNTHSC Nursing Innovation MSN 51.3818.00 09/15/23 Jessica Acton Pending
UTD Animation MFA 10.0304.00 08/08/23 Melinda Valdez Pending
UTD Animation and Games BA 10.0304.00 08/08/23 Melinda Valdez Pending
UTD Game Development MFA 11.0204.00 08/08/23 Melinda Valdez Pending
UTEP Physics PHD 40.0801.00 03/27/23 Allen Michie Pending
UTHSCSA Nurse Anesthesia DNP 51.3804.00 11/11/22 Jessica Acton Pending
UTMBG Nurse Anesthesia DNP 51.3804.00 08/15/23 Jessica Acton Pending
UTRGV Computer Science with Interdisciplinary Applications PHD 11.0701.00 07/10/23 Jessica Acton Pending
UTSA Computer Engineering PHD 14.0901.00 09/01/23 Pending
UTSMCD Public Health PHD 51.2201.00 02/27/23 Melinda Valdez Pending
UTT Nurse Anesthesia DNP 51.3804.00 03/27/23 Jessica Acton Pending
WTAMU Applied Arts and Sciences PHD 30.0000.00 08/31/23 Allen Michie Pending
Alamo Community College - Northeast Lakeview College CLOUD COMPUTING-NETWORK SUPPORT AC 11.0901 08/23/23 Duane Hiller APS
Alamo Community College - St. Philip's College AAS PLUMBING TRADES A 46.0502 10/01/23 Duane Hiller Pending
Austin Community College PRINCIPAL CERTIFICATION PROGRAM (CE) CE 13.0408 10/27/23 Duane Hiller Pending
College of the Mainland AAS CULINARY ARTS A 12.0500 06/30/23 Duane Hiller APS
Collin County Community College District CERTIFICATE I - MEDICAL MASSAGE THERAPY CE 51.3501 09/09/23 Duane Hiller APS
Collin County Community College District ESTHETICIAN CERTIFICATE CE 12.0401 09/09/23 Duane Hiller APS
Frank Phillips College ADVANCED DIESEL TECHNOLOGY & EQUIPMENT CERTIFICATE C 47.0605 07/01/23 Duane Hiller APS
Hill College POLITICAL SCIENCE FIELD OF STUDY AC 45.1001 09/22/23 Duane Hiller APS
Hill College SOCIAL WORK FIELD OF STUDY AC 44.0701 09/22/23 Duane Hiller APS
Hill College SOCIOLOGY FIELD OF STUDY AC 45.1101 09/22/23 Duane Hiller APS
Lamar Institute of Technology DATA ANALYTICS AC 11.0301 06/16/23 Duane Hiller APS
Lamar Institute of Technology MECHATRONICS A 15.0403 07/28/23 Duane Hiller APS
Lamar State College-Orange BUILDING CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY AC 46.0415 09/14/23 Duane Hiller APS
Lamar State College-Port Arthur SOCIAL MEDIA AND DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS MANAGEMENT A 52.1404 10/25/23 Duane Hiller Pending
Texas State Technical College PRE ALLIED HEALTH C2 51.0000 09/28/23 Duane Hiller Pending
Tyler Junior College OPHTHALMIC MEDICAL ASSISTING A 51.1802 07/02/23 Duane Hiller APS
Weatherford College AAS RADIO & TV BROADCASTING A 09.0701 07/12/23 Duane Hiller APS
Weatherford College AAS WELDING A 48.0508 07/12/23 Duane Hiller APS


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